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Mounted Subsoilers

The Challenger Virion Subsoiler is a V-Form machine designed for medium and high horsepower tractors it is an ideal combination machine for deep sub soil restructure, Compaction removal and Oil Seed Rape establishment.   

The Challenger Agri range of mounted Soil loosening Sub-soilers Offers the customer many benefits with a working depth range from 200mm (8”) down to 500mm (20”).
The V-Form main frame allows the legs to progressively move through the soil which reduces the horsepower needed when working at depths beneath 12” and also allows trash to flow through the machine with ease.
Hydraulic depth control and award winning De-Trash scraper bar system are standard throughout the range, Quick change single piece Hardox points and advanced shear pin technology make the machines user friendly and will reduce downtime in the field.
Legs are manufactured from Hardox 500 steel 25mm thick and standard spacing's across the range are 600mm (24”).
Different leg spacing's and configurations can be specified for alternative applications such as Oil Seed Rape establishment.


Features & Advantages:

  • Hydraulic Depth Control -  A pair of hydraulic cylinders one at each side of the machine allow ease of adjustment with individual shims providing positive depth control.
  • Shear Pin Technology - Quality engineered shear pin bosses that provide fast and accurate alignment of the shear pins and large easily removable R-clips create less downtime.
  • De-Trash scraper bar - The Award winning scraper system allows the scraper bar to be opened in the field within minutes so the operator can De-trash the packer with ease.
  • Shouldered Packer - With an overall diameter of 730mm our standard shouldered packers create a firm weatherproof finish. Large drive lugs and shaped scrapers ensure this will run in almost all conditions.
  • Seeding Coulters - Challenger offer a range of coulter outlets for both Seed & Granular Fertiliser, Accurate seeding distances from the leg allow maximum seed to soil contact.
  • Quick Change Points - Legs and points are all manufactured from Hardox 500.
    Single piece quick change points are available in widths from 5” to 12” depending on application.
  • LED Road Lights - All Mounted subsoilers come standard with LED road light kits which have a 5 year manufacturers waranty.

Standard Models:

  • Virion 3.0 - 2.7Mtr working width - 3.0Mtr transport width - 3 legs @ 900mm spacings
  • Virion 5.0 - 3.0Mtr working width - 3.4Mtr transport width - 5 legs @ 600mm spacings

Machine Options:

  • Hydraulic Leg Reset
  • Seeder fitting kits.
  • Seed coulter outlets.

Machine Services:

  • Annual service & maintainance packages.
  • Datatag Machine Identification technology.



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